The number of Indian students going to the U.S. has massively increased, especially post-COVID.

U.S. has lifted the gates for student visas, which will bring enormous money into the country and, in turn, feed their universities.

In 2022-23 alone, 268,923 students went to the U.S. from India, an all-time high record, contributing to 25% of foreign students in the U.S.

As the student population keeps growing, new issues have started to emerge.

Religious conversions are often a hot topic in India, especially regarding politicians changing their religion for votes and encouraging conversions to exploit voters.

Now, an MS student has revealed a shocking fact: Indian students who go to the U.S. are being influenced to switch to Christianity at colleges.

He says everything from food to drinks is arranged for them. When you are a student in the U.S., free good food and a drink is not something most students can afford to let go.

It’s a tempting offer, and this student in the video says many are falling for it.

These machineries arrange buses at universities to go to church, and many Indian students hop on the bus for free food and drinks.

But in the process, he talked about how they are influencing the students to convert their religion, showing how a country like America becomes so rich, etc., and some students are falling for the respect and free food treatment they receive while being influenced.

Watch the video below.