2024 is the year in which many big powers are having their election which means world politics could potentially change its course. With India and UK already having elected their new MPs, it was time for France to choose who’s better to lead them. The results of the national election in France have surprised everyone as all the predictions have gone wrong.

The left-wing alliance has emerged as the biggest party in the election, still falling short of the majority mark. The far right was predicted to win the election but they have fallen to third place after Macron’s centrist party.

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This gives an image of how divided the country is on ideological lines at the moment. The left wing supporters were on the streets celebrating the results and their celebration took the form of arson. They were seen burning bikes in the middle of the street, however it is not verified when the video was actually shot.

The far right is dejected and is on the offense at every single person they can target. There was a looming fear among the minorities of the right forming the government. However, the left has completely forgotten that being an angry activist and running the government are not the same thing.

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