We reported yesterday that four Indian-Americans, including a woman, were arrested in Texas for allegedly running a human labor trafficking racket.

The Princeton Police Department arrested the four after finding 15 women as alleged victims of trafficking.

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In a shocking turn of events, a pest control company was the one who first discovered the issue when they were called to deal with possible bed bugs.

According to the Fox News reporter, upon entering the house rented by Santhosh Katkoori and his wife Dwaraka Gunda, pest controllers found 3-5 young women sleeping on the floors in each room, along with many huge suitcases, which was unusual and shocking. They promptly contacted the police, leading to further investigation.

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Authorities discovered that the women, all living in the same house on Ginsburg Lane in Collin County, Princeton, were forced to sleep on the floor amidst sparse furniture and mostly electronics and blankets.

Chandan Dasireddy (24), Dwaraka Gunda (31), Santhosh Katkoori (31), and Anil Male (37) were arrested and face charges of trafficking persons, a serious felony.

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Further investigation by Princeton Police revealed that 15 adult females were found in Santhosh Katkoori’s home, where they were allegedly compelled to work for him and his wife’s shell companies.

Police seized laptops, cell phones, and fraudulent documents involved in the forced labor operation.

Princeton Police Sgt. Carolyn Crawford mentioned over 100 people are implicated, though specifics about the labor involved were not disclosed.

The owners who rented the house are in a state of shock that their house was used for such criminal activities.

More arrests are anticipated, according to Fox 4 News.