Italy Getting Captured By Black MenDebates around open borders and liberal immigration policies are getting hot again as more and more immigrants are landing on European shores everyday. The Italian Island of Lampedusa is the latest victim of this immigration which has completely changed the demographics of the small island within a span of three days. Thousands of young men have risked their lives to reach the island on small boats from Tunisia.

The island of Lampedusa has a population of less than 6000 people. But within a span of three days, the island saw its population double in size when thousands of immigrants landed on the shore. It is estimated that around 10,000 men have illegally migrated to the island. This has caused a complete chaos on the island which was never ready to accommodate such a population.

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There’s an outrage against the immigration policy of the European Union on the internet. Some people are calling it a complete invasion on the island. Some even said that this is how the West is going to fall. Conservatives were blaming the liberals for their stance on open borders and believe they are responsible for the problem.

The EU chief has pledged a quick solution to the Lampedusa problem meanwhile Giorgio Meloni, the Italian Prime Minister, warned that it was not a problem for Italy but for the whole of Europe. Some users on X have blamed the historical wrongs committed by the West for the situation today saying, if only they had not plundered everything from these countries, no one would have been forced to leave their country.

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