It has been more than six days since the tragic accident in Baltimore that resulted in the death of six construction workers working on the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The debris is being cleared but shockingly the whole crew of the container ship Dali is still stuck inside the vessel. The crew consisted of 22 Indians who are still ensuring the functioning of the ship, keeping the engine running.

The ship was on its way to Sri Lanka when it faced a power failure and lost control. The crew sent SOS signals right away and saved many lives by alerting the emergency services. One of the crew members was also injured during the collision and he was hospitalized for sometime. But he later returned to the ship.

The authorities are still trying to clear the debris and the crew members will remain stuck on board till everything clears out and authorities permit them to leave. It is concerning that the crew which underwent the tragic incident is being made to stay on board.

The Ministry of External Affairs is also in touch with the authorities. The process of freeing the ship from the debris can take several weeks and the crew might remain stuck till then.