In the recent interview, US Ambassador assigned to India, Eric Garcetti, talk about the current concerns regarding the safety of Indian students studying in United States. He emphasised one the importance of being vigilant and taking proper safety precautions.

Acknowledging the gravity of situation, he expressed his sorrow and condolences to affected families while reassuring that US government is committed to ensure justice for victims and hold perpetrators accountable. He suggested that Indian students need to stay connected with their peers and use campus safety resources.

This remark was made following a series of tragic incidents involving Indians or people pf Indian origin in US. In the first two months of 2024 alone five Indian students have been reported dead in separate incidents. Furthermore, a 25-year old Indian student, Mohammad Abdul Arafat, have gone missing from the Cleveland area.

With about 245,000 Indian students studying on American campuses annually, safety has become a pivotal issue for both students and their families. Trying to reassure, Garcetti stated that even though these challenges exist, crime rates, especially the violent crime, have decreased significantly in recent years. He blamed the social media for the heightened awareness of these incidents.

Garcetti assured that the United States remains a safe destination for Indian students, extending a warm welcome and affirming the nation’s appreciation for its international student community. He stressed that safety precautions are essential regardless of the destination, urging students to prioritize their well-being wherever they choose to pursue their education.

Even though these statements might have calmed a few minds it is still far from any satisfactory outcome. Many people are keen to see the actions taken by the US government regarding the situation and ate rather disappointed with such remarks.