Shameful Abuse Of Indian Guy

The “Stupid Brown” incident where a young promising astronaut and a scholar hurled demeaning and racial comments to a delivery driver who left only a tip of three dollar has really saddened me.

Thus, these shameful attitudes, which came out as part of a video evidence, show the fact that there are some people among us who consider themselves entitles and disrespectful. Action of the scholar is not just about basic act of inhumanity but also a call to the question of respect for ethics and humility.

The delivery driver, the mere one trying to make a living did the exact opposite; instead of receiving gratefulness, the fellow was maligned with trespassing insults and vile expressions all linked to the only completely minor cash issue. This type of behavior is not just bad itself, but also it illustrates the social problem that the society has in regards to waiters and other people that are in the service business.

The contrary to the world which would be more caring and empathetic, those incidents are the thing which reveals the depth of the tasks to be done for the building of the culture of understanding and respect. Undoubtedly, in this regard, one should never, whatever the sphere of their activity is, neglect people’s dignity and concern. The situation is fundamentally unacceptable and there will be no compromise on achieving better results.