Tim Walberg

The Israel-Palestine conflict has immensely changed the geo-politics of the middle eastern region. All the big powers of the world have tried to resolve this situation and neutralize the region but have failed. The world is also divided with countries like the USA voting against the ceasefire in Gaza several times in the UN Security Council. A US congressman has come up with a scary solution to the Gaza problem.

Republican Tim Walberg wants the Palestine problem to be resolved like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A video has gone viral where he can be seen suggesting a quick solution and referring to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Netizens shared the concerning video and asked if the lawmaker wants to drop actual nuclear bombs in Gaza.

The congressman was criticizing Biden’s plan to send humanitarian aid to Gaza and said that he doesn’t want any US taxpayers’ money to be spent on aid sent to Gaza. Ironically, even the essential aid airdropped by the US has killed many Palestinians.

When encountered by questions, the congressman said that his suggestion was only metaphorical. Internet users still find his remark insensitive. The USA has a history of destroying small nations in the name of peacekeeping and get away with any of the responsibility.