When the city you’re living in becomes a hot tourist destination, it brings with it a number of opportunities for the locals. However, there comes a point that tourism becomes the number one problem for them as they can no longer live their normal lives. Many countries are wondering how to tackle mass-tourism and some cities think charging an entry fee from tourists can help. However, the Spanish people think they have a better solution.

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The city of Barcelona witnessed a very unique protest which directly targeted the tourists. A large number of anti tourism protesters sprayed the tourists dining at the diners at a famous tourist spot with water guns. They also hurled slogans asking the tourists to go back.

Barcelona is believed to have been suffering from a major housing crisis and a lot of the blame is on the rampant tourism in the region. Even the mayor of the city has addressed the issue and promised to reduce the number of tourists.

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It is ironic that the Spanish people don’t want to have foreign tourists on their land. It looks like they’ve forgotten the history. The Spanish were one of the most violent and merciless colonizers in history. The conquistadors not only captured and ruled over the majority of South America but also forcefully imposed their language and culture over them.