Dungeons & Dragons Honour Among ThievesBased on a tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves is an exciting journey to the mystic world of dragons.

A band of theives go for an epic heist which involves wizards, castles, crawly creatures and what not. An example of perfect action comedy with a solid emotional connect with its viewers.

The story is about an imprisoned ex-Harper bard Edgin played by Chris Pine, seeks vengeance after Red Wizard followers kill his wife. With allies Holga played by Michelle Rodriguez, Simon, Forge, and Sofina, they turn to theft. Captured during a raid, Edgin’s mission to resurrect his wife hangs in the balance.

The movie can be described as one of the most fun and enjoyable movie experience in years. The movie pays well to the original table top game and can also be enjoyed by people those are unaware of the game.

The 2 hours 14 minutes movie, directed by John Francis Deley and Jonathan Goldstein is streaming on Paramount+. You can also rent it on Prime Video.