Telugu Hero Taking OTT Seriously

Although Naga Chaitanya is going through a rough phase with his recent theatrical releases ‘Thank You’ and ‘Custody’ washing away without a trace, he did find success on streaming.

His debut web series with director Vikram Kumar, ‘Dhootha,’ on Prime Video, received unanimous positive reception from OTT audiences.

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There are only a handful of actors post-COVID who are considering TV series. If we talk about actors of Naga Chaitanya’s range, there are none, as many feel that doing OTT shows will diminish their theatrical market.

However, Naga Chaitanya seems to be different, and he is already gearing up for another season of his successful show ‘Dhootha.’

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This move clearly benefits him because he already tasted success with the first season, and the second season will naturally have more hype. So it’s a win for him.

But the key is having the right director, like Vikram Kumar, who can deliver different/fresh content for OTT with excellent technical values. If Chay continues this in the future, he will surely gain more market through this strategy, which no other hero currently dares to attempt.

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