Salaar - Hi Nanna

Nani is strategically expanding his film’s reach on a pan-India level, ensuring they are accessible in all languages since “Shyam Singha Roy.” His efforts to promote “Dasara” in Hindi-speaking regions exemplify his commitment.

His latest release, “Hi Nanna” (titled “Hi Papa” in Hindi), is making waves on Netflix, particularly among Hindi-speaking audiences. Since its January 4 debut, the film has been consistently trending and garnering praise on social media platforms.

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What’s remarkable is its ability to outshine even Prabhas’ “Salaar,” which premiered just days ago. “Hi Papa” secured the 8th position on Netflix’s trending list, surpassing “Salaar” at 9th—a development that, while not unexpected, speaks volumes about its appeal and acceptance.

The Hindi version of “Hi Nanna” continues to hold its ground in Netflix’s top 10, even amidst new releases. Many Hindi reviewers have rated the film highly and compared it to Sita Ramam for being one of the best family entertainers.

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Nani’s calculated efforts are paying dividends, earning him acclaim and success. This success has heightened anticipation for his upcoming project, “Saripoinda Sanivaram,” with Netflix securing its streaming rights for a substantial 45Cr—an impressive feat for medium-budget films in the OTT arena.