SiloImagine a journey to the dystopian future where the last of few remaining human beings live in an underground Silo. A post- apocalyptic thriller story based on the Wool series of novels by Hugh Howey will make you uncomfortable to sit through. The series is created by Graham Yost and premiered its first 2 episodes on 5th May 2023.

This Apple TV series is about Juliette, a mechanic in the Silo who finds a lead as their society is in danger. She must need to uncover the truth. The journey to find out the reason why they are living in the silo is the basic premise of the story.

The dark secrets of silo and who are the supreme leaders handling it? What is the true nature of their world? These are questions that create a mysterious environment and make it a thrilling ride throughout the running episodes.

The series follows the theme of individualism, and the struggle for freedom from that claustrophobic world. The ensemble cast include actors like Rashida Jones and Rebecca Ferguson whom we’ve seen in Mission Impossible series.

2 episodes of the series have already been released and the 3rd episode is going to premier on 12 may 2023. This 10 episode series has got a solid 8.4 rating on IMDb. You can start watching this on Apple TV.