Karan Johar PR

Today, it feels like the Big Brother is always watching us. There is unwarranted surveillance and thoughts are being channelled by dominant ideologies. Cinema that happens to be a great mover of the masses cannot remain untouched by this phenomenon.

We can recount innumerable films from Bandit Queen to Padmaavat that went through public & political scrutiny, media trials, and legal cases were filed against them. All of this impacts the reputation of a film and filmmakers, but often it works counter actively and creates a great buzz around the film, similar was the case with films like Adipurush and Animal.

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In a smart move, Karan Johar and his production house, Dharma Production, tries to stay ahead of all this drama. They don’t wish to waste time and energy on legal battles. Karan has set up a legal front that closely analyses all projects that are being undertaken and scraps off anything that can cause trouble. He cautiously chooses what he wants to make and prevents himself from becoming the soft target of the public.

This self-censoring curbs creativity to a great extent. But at this point, big production houses wish to make bigger profits rather than telling authentic stories. We can’t be so sure what benefit it brings other than box office collection! Cinema keeps getting devoid of the freedom of expression by every passing day and such filmmakers seem to accept it without trying the hard way.

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