Ruma Sharma has been pretty active lately with her Instagram activity. The hottie just wouldn’t stop treating us to jaw-dropping posts from her photoshoots. Ruma is one of the hottest models on Instagram. And she continues to hold that flag up right. This time around, Ruma gave us a glimpse of her latest photoshoot. Ruma is having the time of her life on a yacht and is looking as sexy as ever.

Ruma knows she is a snack everyone would love to munch on. She can be seen wearing a white bejeweled bikini; her golden streaked hair looked absolutely mesmerizing. Her sharp features were just the perfect treat for her fans. The model kept her attire pretty modest. Choosing to cover her beautiful legs with a very pretty floral-patterned pink and green saree. The model and actress chose to keep her accessory game rather subtle. With a little solitaire ring in one hand and a pretty diamond ring in the other.

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Ruma’s jewel-studded earrings looked just as pretty. Her sexiness was further increased by her pretty smile. One must say that the sexiest curve on a woman’s body is her smile. Ruma’s fans seem to agree, as all of them have swarmed into her comments section.