Of late, the cinematic universe trend is ruling the roost in Indian cinema. The case of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s cinematic universe, Kalki, and HIT demonstrate the same. Now, there is an interesting report pertaining to a possible Mega-Nandamuri cinematic universe which is catching the attention on social media.

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This observation is a vague one but it has caught the attention all over. This is a result of a social media post from director Vasishta who earlier made Bimbisara and is currently working on Chiranjeevi’s Viswambhara.

The young filmmaker has updated his Twitter cover photo with posters of Viswambhara and Bimbisara side by side.

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The fact that both Bimbisara and Viswambhara are fantasy actioners and have a similar vibe and Vasishta’s newly updated cover photo with the posters of these films has led to speculations that the filmmaker is cooking up a cinematic universe.

Bimbisara had Kalyan Ram in the lead role while Viswambhara has Chiranjeevi. A possible cinematic universe with the Mega and Nandamuri heroes certainly does look interesting.

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But the fact here is that there are reports that Vasishta walked out of newly announced Bimbisara 2 due to creative differences with Kalyan Ram. In that case, bringing together the worlds of Bimbisara and Viswambhara might be a bit too much to ask for.

Though a section of cinema followers are excited about the crossover universe, the chances of it actually happening are low.