Surender ReddyAkhil Akkineni’s Agent ended up as a massive disaster. The movie ended up as a massive disaster for everyone in the trade right from the producer to the exhibitors.

Producer Anil Sunkara was left with a loss of 23 Crore. Gayathri Films which brought the film rights in a single deal is demanding some compensation to cover their losses.

They are expecting a settlement of at least 15 Crore as they lost around 25 Crore.

But Anil Sunkara himself lost 23 Crore and so is not in favor of any settlement. The issue will land in the Chamber very soon.

Director Surender Reddy is the main culprit behind this debacle. Behind churning out a disastrous script, he also shot up the budget which also resulted in a massive loss to the producer.

Surender Reddy is also credited as one of the producers of the film. So, he is also responsible for this settlement but Suri is coming up with a smart answer to escape the responsibility.

“I was supposed to get 12 Crore remuneration but I only got 6 Crore. You can recover the remaining 6 Crore and take it,” Surender Reddy tells Gayathri Films.

It is outright silly that the producer will pay Surender Reddy after what he has done. Surender Reddy is showing his kind heart by offering compensation to the buyer from an amount that never exists.