Ahimsa-Pareshan-NenuStudenSirThe Tollywood box office saw three new theatrical releases last weekend and they are Ahimsa, Pareshan, and Nenu Student Sir. Sadly for them, all three of these films have bombed at the box office.

Ahimsa is a complete nonstarter at the box office. Suresh Babu appears to have given up his hopes on his son Abhiram’s debut film. Teja tried his bit at promoting the film, but it couldn’t start at the ticket counters. The dated content has acted against the cause.

Pareshan has a rural Telangana aesthetic. It has a few bright moments but as a whole, it has turned out to be a damp squib. The flaws in the narration outnumber the strictly limited decent comedy scenes. It couldnt make any noise at the box office.

Nenu Studen Sir, featuring Bellamkonda Ganesh has also opened on a disastrous note at the box office. The thriller subject has the better premise of the three new releases but the execution falls flat, and as a result, the film stutters. Ganesh’s performance has drawn a poor response with many commenting that his skillset is minimal and his porteayl is abysmal. This could be his second disaster on a trot.