Alia Tries To End RRR Controversy, But...A couple of days ago, Alia Bhatt raked up a small-time controversy of sorts by deleting all of her recent posts related to RRR. It was rumored that Alia was discontent with the lack of screen time in RRR and hence the deletion of posts. The actress has now reacted to these speculations.

“I always realign old videos to keep my timeline less cluttered. Don’t draw any assumptions. I am eternally grateful to be a part of RRR world. I loved being directed by Rajamouli sir,” Alia wrote in her newly unveiled note.

“I loved working with with Charan and Tarak. I loved every single thing about my experience working on this film. The only reason I am clarifying now is because Rajamouli sir and team RRR spent years of their hard work on the film and I can’t let any misinformation on the same,” Alia added.

Alia is clearly trying to pacify the situation that arose after she deleted RRR related posts from her Instagram timeline.