I & Jr NTR Are Completely Opposite: Ram CharanNTR and Ram Charan are supposed to be on either side have come together doing a multistarer film, RRR, thanks to Rajamouli. They are in Mumbai aggressively promoting the film in Hindi markets. NTR is like a livewire in the interviews while Charan comes as someone reserved and shy.

Ram Charan himself explains this. “If two people are introverts, you will not have a conversation. The room will be so dull. In our conversations many nights, they are so lively. There is one guy who talks and another listens. That will be a dialogue. Or else there will be nothing to do,” he said.

But then, Mega fans are not very happy with Ram Charan’s silence. They are worried that this reserved nature of Ram Charan will not allow him as much as visibility he should get in Hindi markets. Furthermore, it will only highlight Tarak more. NTR’s ease in Hindi is also helping him big time and is impressing the Hindi media.

Meanwhile, the RRR team is in the middle of a sensational promotional campaign in Hindi. There is no Hindi film too which is promoted as such in recent times. RRR is gearing up for release on January 7th, 2022.