Music Director ThamanMusic director Thaman is once again facing severe criticism following the recent release of Skanda, where he struggled to match the high-octane action sequences seen in Boyapati’s film.

Thaman delivered a generic music score that neither delivers any highs nor is it considered good. His work is forgettable at best.

This comes at a time when Anirudh is elevating average films to the next level with his background scores.

Now, fans of other heroes are concerned about Thaman’s work, especially since he has projects like ‘Bhagavanth Kesari’ and ‘Guntur Kaaram’ lined up.

In fact, there will be less scrutiny when it comes to Boyapati and Ram’s film. However, if Thaman delivers the same quality for Balayya or Mahesh Babu, people may dismiss him, as it could be seen as a sign that his creative spark has come to an end.

It’s high time for Thaman to either put in the effort to impress or face the reality.