Ashok Galla This New Hero in Tollywood GoodAshok Galla’s Hero is a surprise package in a way for this Sankranthi. The first timer surprisingly did well in the film even though there are no expectations about him.

The young actor is lively in the film and made a mark on the audience instantly.

Surprisingly, his onscreen appearance is more neat than his appearances at the film events.

He also did some very good dances and fights in the film. The first action sequence of the second half almost looked like that of some star Hero’s.

After an impressive outing with his first, the actor will have to choose some light-hearted subjects for his coming films. He can easily make an impression on the audience with such subjects and only after reaching that level, he should attempt the next things.

Some people may call Ashok a nepotism kid etc, but he definitely has that spark to make it count if he plans his career well.