Vijay-Deverakonda-LigerThe controversies surrounding Liger’s trailer launch event don’t seem to die down. Or, Vijay Deverakonda himself doesn’t want them to die down.

VD’s comment that he has no fathers or grandfathers in the industry and he had made it big on his own ruffled quite a lot of feathers on social media when fans of Ram Charan NTR got hurt. But then, things slowly started to fade out.

But today, VD fueled the controversy again by creating the hashtag #AyyaThathaEvadTelvadhu on Twitter while quoting a video where one of his fans replicated that Liger event dialogue as a funny meme.

A few days back, many on social media were defending VD, saying he might have said those things unintentionally. But it looks like he had some agenda in his mind while saying those lines. He still thinks creating controversies before a film’s release will bring hype and people to the film.

Deverakonda did that during Arjun Reddy as well when he trolled senior politician V Hanumantha Rao, but that worked in his favor. This time, however, it might backfire as he is targetting big star heroes with his statements.

Liger is a very vulnerable project. Puri hasn’t delivered any memorable film in many years. Vijay is also suffering from flops. If Liger gets blockbuster talk, then it is ok. But if it gets average or below-average talk, then Mega and Nandamuri fans will play football with the Liger for the over-the-top scenes and fights.

Many on social media were saying that VD hasn’t scored a single hit in the last four years and his last film was a disaster. They commented that VD’s address would also not be traceable if he delivered a few more flops. It is being said that creating such silly hashtags is very immature on his part, and it might have serious repercussions.

Going by the extreme reactions, it’s better to say that Vijay Deverakonda still has a long way to go before he can create such hashtags. It’s better if he concentrates on his acting career, which will be in serious danger if Liger doesn’t work.