Balakrishna Proposed As MAA PresidentMovie Artists Association (MAA) elections are continuing to be in news. While it appears that the contest will be between Prakash Raj and Manchu Vishnu, Vishnu has offered to step down if the industry biggies come up with a consensus candidate and ensure unanimous election.

“I will be in the fray if there is a contest. If industry biggies come up with a candidate for unanimous election, I am ready to co-operate. Balakrishna is like my brother, I will co-operate if he contests as MAA President. I am okay if the industry biggies come up with any candidate of that generation,” Vishnu said in an interview.

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“Balakrishna and others are genuine people but I doubt if they can afford the time,” he added. Mega Brother Nagababu is supporting Vishnu’s rival, Prakash Raj. He is going to news channels supporting Prakash Raj and making comments on other contestants.

Vishnu also responded to the critical comments of Nagababu. “He is like father figure to me. I like him very much. I have good relations with the politicians of both the Telugu States. So, it will make easy for me in constructing building for MAA,” he added.

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