Manchu VishnuManchu Vishnu‘s upcoming movie ‘Mosagallu’ is going pan-Indian because of the Bollywood star Sunil Shetty who brought in the Bollywood distributors to make the movie pan-Indian according to the Manchu hero’s version in one of the recent interviews.

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He said that he invested big because he thought that the story must be told on a lavish scale. However, he knows that he has invested a lot more than his actual market, today. Still, he wanted to take the risk as taking no risk is the biggest risk.

Manchu Vishnu had no successful films in the recent past and it has been a while that he delivered even an average hit. Looks like, he is confident about this film that’s going to release in multiple languages including Hindi.

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By the way, Kajal Agarwal will be playing his elder sister in the movie in which she is said to be playing an important role almost equal and more in importance as the main lead, Manchu Vishnu.