BB Non Stop: Ep 10: Ex-Inmates' domination to fight for captaincyBigg Boss TV show is inching towards the completion of the first big task in the house. In the next episode, we will be able to see the captaincy task. Interestingly, the captaincy contenders are all from the team Warriors.

A series of emotions flow in the BB house as the warriors speak about their past BB experiences. Later, the housemates get excited to play a fun task with random objects.

*Ashu Reddy’s slipper shot to Ariyana*
On a fun note, Ashu Reddy threw her slipped at Ariyana that she did not like. Ariyana communicated to Ashu Reddy the same, and she had apologized to Ariyana.

*Warriors and their BB Experiences*
Bigg Boss old inmates, who are considered warriors now shared their previous experiences in the house.

*Vintha Vasthuvulu*
This is the last task of the week to decide the captaincy contenders. In this task, a buzzer is placed at multiple places in the house. From time to time, the siren will be played and each team can ring the buzzer. Later, one from each time will have to participate in a task where they have to find a toy from thermocol balls.

Team Warriors won the task.

In round one, Sarayu and Siva played opposite each other. In round two, Hamida and Mitra played opposite each other. In round 3, Ashu Reddy played opposite Mitra. In the fourth round, RJ Chaitu played opposite Ariyana. In the next round, Akhil played opposite Ajay. In the final round, Sarayu played opposite Sravanthi. In the next one, Hamida played against Mitra. In all rounds, warriors won the task.

*Captaincy Contenders*
Natraj, Akhil, Sarayu, Tejaswi, Mahesh and Ariyana