Bigg Boss: Ep 80: Siri Hanmanth in the House!Bigg Boss Nonstop has been full of surprises so far. With only nine inmates left in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, the viewers have started discussions about the probabilities of which of the five members would reach the next level. Amidst these discussions, today’s episode witnessed ‘Eviction-free Pass’ and many other exciting happenings.

Today’s episode started with a serious discussion between Baba Bhaskar and Nataraj. As Nataraj said about Baba’s leg pain, Baba pointed out how Nataraj can enclose the issue that he said personally to him.

Eviction Free Pass
Bigg Boss sent a note that this whole week, there will be eviction-free pass tasks. He said that celebrities will come to Bigg Boss house this week and will assign tasks to Housemates to win eviction free passes. The one with the highest score will get the eligibility to win an Eviction fee pass.

Siri As Celebrity
Bigg boss 4 contestant Siri came as the first celebrity to make housemates play Eviction free tasks. She asked her housemates which is the funniest task played by her in the Bigg Boss 4 season. Everyone replied to it as a Sound-word sequence that focuses on challenge. So, Siri said it is the task that she will make everyone play today.

Mystery Box
Baba Bhaskar won the focus challenge and won a mystery box from Siri. Siri added that mystery boxes can have either positive or negative gifts. So she asked whether Baba Bhaskar will keep the box with him or will give it to others. Answering it, Baba said he will keep the box himself.

Mithra Complains About Bindu
Mithra asked Siri whether she is becoming a comedian because of Bindu. She added Bindu is coming physically in nominations. However, Siri said there is nothing like comedy and negativity on Mithra outside and doesn’t think much about it.

Drop the Dice
Bigboss assigned the Drop the Dice task and said that the housemate who wins this task will be the first contender for the Eviction free pass task.

Though Akhil won the task, Baba Bhaskar got extra 50 points in the mystery box and was selected as the first contender for the Eviction free pass task.

Finally, the episode got wrapped up with Siri leaving the house after the housemates danced to the Super-machi song.