Prashant Varma Ranveer Singh

Prasanth Varma is in huge demand today after delivering this year’s biggest blockbuster, Hanu Man. He was collaborating with Ranveer Singh for his next project.

Ranveer Singh, who is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his first child with his actress-wife Deepika Padukone, has reportedly stepped away from Prasanth Varma’s ‘Rakshas.’

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According to the latest reports, Ranveer and Prasanth have chosen to part ways on the project citing creative disparities.

A recent look test featuring Ranveer Singh and even a day’s shoot for a sneak peek had been conducted in Hyderabad. However, yesterday, portions of the glimpse were filmed without Ranveer, leaving fans puzzled about the sudden turn of events and wondering if there was a fight between Prasanth and Ranveer.

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Ranveer was seen yesterday in Mumbai along with his wife Deepika Padukone where they had come to vote.

“They explored various avenues and alternatives, but they have now chosen to move forward with the assurance of future collaborations,” a source disclosed.

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Prasanth, renowned for directing ‘HanuMan,’ will embark on a fresh casting process for ‘Rakshas,’ intending to bring the film before delving into ‘Jai HanuMan.’

Amidst rumors suggesting the project’s continuation, an official statement from Ranveer Singh and Prasanth Varma is eagerly awaited.