Tigers have become an endangered species in the world and now films related to Tigers have also become endangered at the box office. In the last 30-40 days, three films having a ‘Tiger’ connection have flopped badly at the box office.

Tiger Nagewara Rao was expected to be the big blockbuster for Ravi Teja after many years. But the film failed to live up to the expectations due to an unexciting screenplay and no thrilling episodes. The film ended up as a big flop.

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Ganapath starring ‘Tiger’ Shroff was an unmitigated disaster from the word go and it will rank among the worst films in the last ten years. The film was unbearable with irritating performances, a garbage storyline, trashy production values, and clueless direction.

And the last one is Salman Khan’s Tiger 3. Released amid the huge hype of the Spy Universe, the film was expected to be the next 1000-crore grosser. But due to lousy performances, unimaginative action scenes, laughable storyline, and poor direction the film ended up as a big bore for the audience.

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Tiger 3 is now struggling to cross the 400-crore worldwide gross and the 300-crore net mark in India.

2023 has been really bad for the Tigers at the Indian box office.

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