Legendary comedian Brahmanandam has entertained the Telugu audience for over four decades. As younger actors have taken center stage, Brahmanandam slowed down and became more selective with his roles.

His last impactful comic performance was in Jathi Ratnalu where he played the hilarious role of Justice Balwanth Chowdhary.

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After a long absence from mainstream cinema, Brahmanandam is making a comeback with significant roles in four major pan-India films. He will be seen in Prabhas’ Kalki 2898 AD, Game Changer, Kannappa, and Indian 2.

Despite many comedians coming and going, none have matched Brahmanandam’s genius.

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Even during his absence from films, he remained a favorite on Telugu social media through memes. During recent election campaigns in Telugu states, his unique expressions and antics were widely used to poke fun at political leaders.

Brahmanandam is undoubtedly the uncrowned king for memers, ruling Tollywood for over three decades. His characters continue to evoke laughter, and memers profit greatly from his timeless expressions. In fact, Brahmanandam could arguably charge these memers for using him.

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It will be interesting to see him entertain audiences once again.