Sai Dharam Tej Sateesh Botta Issue ControversyA lot is being talked about and written about the fallout between Sai Dharam Tej and his manager Satish Botta. It is true that there is a fallout and it happened before everyone that patch up is not easy from here.

There is an interesting story behind why this happened.

Sai Dharam Tej and Satish are like friends over the years. When the hero is in failure, many people tried to influence the hero saying Satish is the reason but SDT chose to stand by him. So, this came as a surprise to many.

There is a rumor doing rounds in Filmnagar that Bunny Vas orchestrated this rift.

Apparently, Satish engineered a three-film deal with Bhogavalli Prasad and films with Naga Vamsi and AK for Sai Dharam Tej. Bunny Vas has got a feeling that Sai Dharam Tej is becoming unreachable to them.

There is another Satish, Satish Kopineedu who happens to be a relative of the hero (Geetha Arts Dr. Venkateswara Rao’s brother’s son). He often works on the production side. He coordinates between the hero and the production house.

He is not a new person as rumored. He is with Sai Dharam Tej since the start of his career.

Satish Kopineedu has got a feeling that Satish Botta is sidelining him. He approached SDT’s mom complaining about how he is being sidelined.

After SDT’s mom’s involvement, SDT asked Satish Kopineedu to work in Bro Post-production which did not go well with Satish Botta. This led to a rupture between SDT and Satish Botta. The hero fired on him openly in the location.

Rumors in the industry are that Bunny Vas engineered the rift via Satish Koppineedi. As SDT’s mom is involved, it went against Satish Botta.

These rumors about Bunny Vas came as a surprise because there are no such remarks previously on him. Also, if doing a film for GA2 is the only issue, he may have cut the deal using the family.

But then, the industry is rife with rumors about Bunny Vas. There is also a reason for these rumors.

Within hours after the Satish Botta incident, Bunny Vas and another person from the Geetha compound arrived at the ‘Bro‘ location. This is the first time they came to the ‘Bro’ location and there are rumors that this can not be a coincidence.

They say Bunny Vas tried to enter SDT’s close coterie immediately after Satish Botta’s exit.

As said earlier, all this can be mere speculation too. Firstly, there is never such a remark of Bunny Vas and people may be just connecting dots as Satish Koppineedi is a Geetha compound man previously, and Bunny Vas arriving at the ‘Bro’ location can be a coincidence too.