Chiranjeevi-Godfather-political-dialogueMegastar Chiranjeevi had been staying away from active politics for the past few years. He is busy with his acting assignments.

But cut to now, Chiru has shared a political dialogue on his Twitter handle and this has evoked unexpected responses from Telugu netizens.

In his voice tweet, Chiru said “Nenu Rajakeeyam ki dooram ga unna. Kani Na nunchi rajakeeyam dooram kaledu”. This dialogue has a strong political flavour and this has led to a series of interesting responses.

A few of Chiranjeevi’s fans say “Politics don’t suit you Boss. Do what your doing now and be happy with it. We don’t wish to see you struggle in life again due to politics,” a few say.

A few others say Chiru’s dialogue could be an indirect hint that he might be supporting Pawan Kalyan’s JanaSena.

Either way, Chiru’s voice noise has garnered a lot of attention on social media and people have interesting theories about the same. Is this really a political hint or is it a promotional stint for Godfather? We will know soon.