Confusion To Kill The USA Premieres For Kalki MovieOriginally three films were supposed to release tomorrow (June 28th). However, due to Censor issue in the last minute, one of the movies Burra Katha has been postponed. It gives the Rajasekhar starrer Kalki the advantage over the other releases that now includes only Brochevarevaru Ra.

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Kalki is Rajasekhar’s new outing after PSV Garuda Vega, and its trailers have met with a positive response. It is a usual subject in that it is different from the general commercial fares featuring star heroes. And such flicks see good reception in the US.

Take the case of Rajasekhar’s last outing PSV Garuda Vega, the US performance of the movie was an eye-opener. With good reviews and positive word of mouth, expected due to the Awe director Prasanth Varma, the revenues in the US would have proved to be a great boon to Kalki.

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Sadly, the maker’s lack of planning is going to hurt Kalki in the US. The movie is yet to confirm its shows in the US officially. There is confusion regarding the premiere shows whether they will happen on time (in few places) or not at all. The late arrival of prints is said to be the reason. If there is no clarity immediately consider the premiere to be done and dusted outrightly. Whether the film gets a positive or negative word of mouth, whatever it loses here will stay that way.