Darshan Murder Case

Kannada actor Darshan and actress Pavitra Gowda are embroiled in the abduction and murder case of Renukaswamy, a fan of Darshan.

On June 8, Renukaswamy was allegedly kidnapped, tortured, and murdered due to sending inappropriate messages to Pavitra Gowda. His death resulted from severe torture, including branding with hot metal and electric shocks.

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Since then shocking reports about how the gruesome murder took place are hitting the headlines.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Girish stated that 16 people have been arrested in connection with Renukaswamy’s murder, with an additional five having surrendered. The list of accused includes Darshan, Pavitra Gowda, and others. One suspect remains at large, and an intensified search is underway.

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The investigation revealed that Renukaswamy was abducted from Chitradurga, held in a shed in Bangalore, and subjected to severe torture.

He was forcefully fed biryani, despite being a vegetarian, and beaten when he refused to eat. The accused allegedly mocked him, saying, “If you eat meat, you will get strength.”

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Additionally, it was found that Renukaswamy was given electric shocks before his murder.

The police have examined CCTV footage from the areas involved and have conducted raids on the homes of the accused, seizing cash and other suspicious items.

Darshan explained to the police that he became enraged after Renukaswamy sent obscene pictures to Pavitra Gowda. He admitted to hitting Renukaswamy twice but claimed he did not participate in the murder.

Darshan stated he only intended to make Renukaswamy apologize to Pavitra and left the scene after giving him some money, and instructing him to return to his village. According to Darshan, the others killed Renukaswamy after he left.

The court has extended the police custody of Darshan, Pavitra, and several other accused individuals until June 20 to facilitate further investigation.

This includes retrieving deleted mobile data and social media records, conducting spot investigations, and recovering torture devices. Sixteen people have been arrested so far, with one suspect still at large.

Chandrappa, the father of accused Anukumar, died from a heart attack upon learning of his son’s involvement.

The case has sparked widespread outrage and media attention. Civil society organizations and the Karnataka Film Trade Council have called for severe punishment for the perpetrators and have offered financial support to Renukaswamy’s family.

Lawyers for Darshan and Pavitra argue that Darshan left the scene before Renukaswamy’s death and that Pavitra, as the only woman in custody, is under severe mental distress.

Despite these arguments, the court extended their custody due to the crime’s gravity and the need for a comprehensive investigation.

The Kannada film industry is divided in its response. Some members have expressed support for Darshan, while others have condemned his actions.