Deluge Of Delayed Releases Soon - Ungarala RambabuA deluge of delayed releases will the screens on September 15 in Telugu and Tamil. All the films arriving on that date were looking to a release from the past few months.

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The most notable among them will be Sunil’s Ungarala Rambabu. The film was started on an exciting note as it was from the director of Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju. However, over the course of making, it has turned out to be a stale and uninteresting project.

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Another film is Sundeep Kishan’s Project Z, a thriller where the actor plays a cop. The movie after an impressive teaser fizzled out. Apart from these two, there is Jyothika’s next in Tamil that will finally see the day of light. All these films are arriving before the big movies in the final two weeks of September. We have to see if any film survives.