Despite flops NTR is the best actor

NTR – The name struck terror in the hearts of reigning stars way back in early 2000s. The youngster stumbled all the existing records at a very tender age and create a separate following for himself. The actor came across miserable flops just like super hits after he got tangled himself in image cobweb. But never there was a movie or moment, it appeared like he was not performing or not doing well. His latest film Ramayya Vasthavayya shows the true potential of the actor when he cries on screen when his family members were killed by the villain. It is an open fact, for some senior actors it took more than a decade and few of his age group stars are still struggling to emote on screen, recently Ram Charan had to face scathing attack questioning his acting skills in recent film Thoofan.

After series of flops it took many years for NTR to stage a comeback and once he came back, it was never the same. New stars came in to the scene and started posing challenge to him. He was always giving his 100% to reach the threshold but is stopping just one step before the much needed success. This almost the case with all his movies in recent times including Ramayya Vasthavayya. Every time he looked all set but the target is so near yet too far. But spare a thought for this guy – Undoubtedly one of the best actor in the current crop of actors. He will surely bounce back and I guess it’s just matter of time. Share your opinion.