Dil-Raju-Credibility-f3Senior Producer Dil Raju is one of the most active producers in Tollywood doing back-to-back medium range and big films. He is also the most-active distributor over the years.

Combined with that, the decent success rate has propelled Dil Raju into the star league. But the senior producer is destroying the name and credibility he earned over the years.

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It was Dil Raju who took the initiation in Guild to go on a strike. He pushed the reluctant film chamber to support Guild’s decision. Dil Raju himself announced the Chamber’s decision sitting in the Press meet. But his Varasudu shooting is going on in Vishakapatnam saying that it is a Tamil movie even though it has been announced as a bilingual.

This is not the only incident bringing disdain to Dil Raju’s credibility.

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Dil Raju who takes pride in his judgment and involvement in the film process is hit by back-to-back failures. But the flops are not the only reason for this.

Recently, we have seen Dil Raju doing multiple flip-flops about the ticket prices in the case of F3 and Thankyou. He speaks about affordable prices before the media and still keeps untenable prices finally.

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There are allegations that he is pushing the producers to have high rates for the movies he distributes.

Dil Raju is one of the first producers to have opted for direct OTT release during the Pandemic with his ‘V’.

For F3, he took credit for delaying the OTT release until after eight weeks. Many in the industry say that it is actually due to the pressure of director Anil Ravipudi.

Immediately after that, Dil Raju is in talks with various OTT platforms for the early release of his Thank You.

The business of convenience is bringing disrepute to Dil Raju’s hard-earned credibility.