RRR High Prices Not an Issue in Andhra Pradesh, TelanganaThe governments of AP and TG have given permissions to hike the prices of RRR and made the makers relieved. The advance bookings of the film have started in both the Telugu states and are going great.

The tickets in multiplexes is above 400 in Telangana and is above 300 in AP. In the single screens, ac theaters and c centers too, the rates have been hiked. The advance bookings are solid as the tickets are being sold like hot cakes.

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The tickets in Hyderabad are being sold out at a faster note. By the looks of it, the entire weekend will be full in the city and in most of the areas in AP. Once the film releases and gets a good talk, the occupancy will grow.

All this is happening only because of Rajamouli and his brand name. The audience are not that bothered to spend big bucks to watch the film on the big screen as RRR has NTR and Ram Charan in lead roles. Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan are just an icing on the cake.

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Though there are a few who have raised eyebrows about the rates, the trade feels that a blockbuster talk is a must for the film to recover the budget and these hiked prices will surely help the film to make unimaginable numbers once the film releases.