Tollywood’s biggest hit of 2024, HanuMan comfortably won the Sankranthi race and fetched very good returns for each and every one associated with the project. Now, the producer of the film, Niranjan Reddy has lined up another project.

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In an M9 exclusive revelation, it is now reported that HanuMan producer Niranjan Reddy’s next film is titled Darling.

This film will have Nabha Natesh and Priyadarshi in the lead roles. The promotional campaign has started already with an interesting prelude social media prelude featuring Nabha and Priyadarshi.

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By the looks of it, this film is a new-age rom-com and it features the mentioned actors in the lead roles.

After the blockbuster HanuMan, A-grade things are expected of the producer Niranjan Reddy and we shall see what he has in store for us this time.

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The video that was released earlier had implications of Prabhas’s popular slang word of Darling as the mainstay. It has to be seen what HanuMan makers will offer this time.