Movie Critic Anupama Chopra

Renowned movie critic Anupama Chopra recently shared some shocking and eye-opening thoughts on the problems in the world of the entertainment industry. She revealed how movie reviewers are sometimes offered for money, leading to a loss of honesty and genuine critique.

She revealed a text message asking if she’s open to paid reviews. If she’s okay with it, the PR person asked about the price.

Chopra pointed out that over the past two decades, entertainment journalism has been on a tricky path. The rise of digital platforms and influencer culture has made it even more challenging. Nowadays, it’s hard to tell if a post praising a movie on social media is honest or paid for.

The big issue here is that mediocre movies with big marketing budgets can overshadow genuinely good ones. This happens because production houses pay influencers to promote their projects, controlling the narrative and making it difficult for quality work to stand out.

Chopra reveals that websites and influencers are getting paid to post inflated box-office numbers for opening days, emphasizing the game of playing with perceptions to secure lucrative OTT deals. In this scenario, every production house is vying to present a favorable image of their movie, either to secure a lucrative OTT deal or to avoid renegotiating with existing streaming platforms after their films get a flop verdict. The box office verdicts are also on sale.

Chopra predicts a bubble burst in the next two years and hopes that by 2024, industry leaders will recognize and fix these problems. She emphasizes the importance of honest criticism and insightful journalism to keep the entertainment business thriving. Without it, the industry risks losing its integrity, credibility, and authenticity.