Fans Hoping Mahesh Doesn't Go To Sets Like ThisThere is no denying the fact that Mahesh Babu is one of the best looking heroes in Tollywood, if not the very best. But for one reason or the other, Mahesh’s makeovers haven’t been all that impressive in the recent past. There is this constant effort from Mahesh to change his looks for every film of his, but none is suiting him sublimely well.

The last time Mahesh carried a bearded look was in Maharshi. But this turned out to be an underwhelming one as the beard look had no significance in the narrative and it was there just for the sake of it.

Now, Mahesh is back in a bearded look, as seen in the new snap shared by Namrata. But the thing is that there is something off about Mahesh’s look. He isn’t at his usual best in it. But social media is abuzz that this is Mahesh’s look in SSMB28.

Trivikram is one of the few directors in Tollywood with a strong styling sense. The chances are that he might not approve this look for Mahesh, and instead go for a better looking one for the ever charming hero. So, we don’t know for sure if Mahesh will sport the aforementioned beard look in SSMB28.

For now, fans are hoping Mahesh won’t go to the sets of the Trivikram with his current new look. There is another talk that Rajamouli will certainly give Mahesh a good makeover. So, Mahesh’s fans can rest assured that the best is yet to come.