Film Chamber's 4 Important Decisions Pro-small FilmsThe Film Chamber has come up with some decisions that are likely to positively impact the small film segment. For starters, they have taken four important decisions:

1. Starting September 1, the filmmakers need not pay VPS charges to digital providers. This will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitors. Also, even small films will get at least 150
theatres to release their films. With this new rule, small films will be saving up to Rs 15 lakh a film.

2. Another decision was to ensure that small films would run as per the percentage allotted.

3. The ticket rates for small films have been fixed at Rs 100 in A centers and Rs 75 in B centers.

4. From now on, the film technicians and artists will get paid as per the scale of the film. Their wages for small films will be lesser when compared to what they get for big films. In short, there will be two rate cards henceforth.

While many people who make inconsequential films for the sake of making a film post comments on social media day in and day out, the Film Chamber has decided to come forward to help the plight of small films and those associated with them.

These issues have been discussed for some time, and those in the office feel that it is wiser to stall all shoots until the issues are resolved.

Another important decision was taken with regards to the OTT release. While the big films will be released after 10 weeks, smaller films will be released in 4 weeks.