Trailer Talk: Intriguing Thriller In Family BackdropGaalivaana is the new Zee5 original in Telugu. The trailer of the series is out now, and it promises to be an intriguing thriller in the backdrop of family.

A gruesome murder of a daughter and son-in-law starts the trailer and what follows next is suspense related to the killer. An investigation is happening to find the killer while the family is trying to cope with the loss. They also seem to have a personal inquiry happening, or do they know some hidden truth? The premise feels solid and intriguing, no doubt.

The casting looks big with many known faces from the past and present featuring in the thriller cum drama. The most notable, and of course, leading the charge are Radhika Sarathkumar and Sai Kumar. Chandini Chowdhary and Chaitanya Krishna play other vital roles.

Sharan Koppisetty of Kirrak Party and Thimmarusu fame directs the series. Incidentally, both his works have been remakes, and the web series debut too is an official adaptation of a British series.

Check out the trailer below. Gaalivaana, an intense drama cum thriller, is backed by BBC India and Northstar Entertainment banners. The series is all set to premiere on Zee5 Telugu on April 14th.