Prabhas -Saaho -Shraddha -Kapoor - streeYoung Rebel Star Prabhas is next going to be seen in Saaho. It will be a trilingual releasing simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. While it will be all about Prabhas in the Southern versions, the makers have roped in Shraddha Kapoor for mainstream visibility in Hindi.

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Unfortunately for the makers of Sahoo, Shraddha Kapoor was slowly turning out to be a liability with her movies and stocks as a heroine falling down. Many felt her craze was vanishing and she might eventually have no significant use when Sahoo hits screens.

Well, good luck seems to be Prabhas way, as Shraddha Kapoor has scored a massive success with Stree. The latest horror comedy has opened superbly and is expected to be a blockbuster. With another mass friendly project coming soon, the actress is hitting back at critics with a vengeance. Her success will be a big boost commercially for Sahoo’s box office in Hindi.

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