Tollywood Hero GreedyThis hero has struggled a lot in recent times. Known to be very particular about his remuneration, he settled down for a 7 Crore salary for a film known to be the costliest film in his career.

Another film of his released before this and became a hit. The hero has become greedy all of sudden and demanded 11 Crore to complete the film.

The novice producer had no other way but to accept. Towards the end of the film before dubbing, the actor called the producer one night and asked him to send another 4 Crore.

This is because the non-theatrical rights of the movie fetched more than expected. From an initial word of 7 Crore, the final figure arrived at 15 Crore for the hero.

But the misery of the producer did not end there. The film has become a big disaster and the hero is blaming the director and the producer’s inexperience for the debacle.