Director Prasanth VarmaOn the occasion of his birthday(tomorrow), director Prasanth Varma interacted with the media today. He is coming up with a VFX-heavy superhero film, Hanu-Man starring Teja Sajja.

The film was supposed to release on May 12 but was postponed as the team wanted more time to come up with better visuals.

During the interaction with the media, our M9News team asked Prasanth if he also tried to modernize Hanuman and other characters, like the Adipurush makers tried to modernize Ramayana by giving superhero looks to the characters.

Prasanth Varma replied, “What the Adipurush makers have done is very challenging and risky. I hope their risk pays off, and I wish them a big success for their experimentation. But I personally feel no experiments should be done on pure mother’s love and Hanuman because they are very sensitive things. At least, I will never do such experimentation. My Hanu-man will portray and depict the lord in the authentic way everyone wants to see him.”

There is a Hindutva wave going on in the country right now, and because of this, films like Karthikeya 2 have become a huge success. We are going to witness two films, Adipurursh and Hanu-man, back-to-back with a gap of just a few weeks.

Hanu-man would have got the benefit of releasing first and making a better impact if it had been released before Adipurush. We asked Prasanth if there was any regret that they couldn’t make it first in this race.

Prasanth replied, “I don’t have any regrets about Hanu-man not releasing first. When we started shooting, we didn’t have any such thoughts. I always believe, whatever happens it happens for the best. Things will fall in place, in the end.”

Prasanth Varma has created a niche for himself in the industry, that he takes up new and exciting subjects. But there is a talk that he doesn’t completely exploit the subject and take the film to the next level. Prasanth Varma says, “I am learning with each and every film. I am still relatively new. I have got feedback that I concentrate more on style and less on emotion. But I am improving with every film. Hanu-Man will be better than all my previous movies and my net film will be better than Hanu-Man.”

Prasanth Varma revealed that he would be concentrating on Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe for the next 8-10 years. Apart from Hanu-Man, Adhira and six more films are being developed.

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