Heroine's Extra Charge 2-3 Lakh Per Day - Producers NightmareShe is an in-demand heroine in the Telugu film industry. She is popular for her tantrums even with the stars. The glamorous actress recently is keen on becoming a Mahanati and decided to dub for all her characters herself.

But there is a catch about it. The filmmakers are not keen on giving a chance because she will struggle especially in emotional scenes and that may spoil the whole impact. There is one more issue the actress will take 4-5 days to complete the dubbing.

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But then, with a battalion of staff, air tickets, five-star accommodation, food, the pays of her staff etc will ensure 2-3 Lakh Rupees per day. Besides adding no value to the film, this extra expense will burn a hole in the pockets of the producers.

Getting it done by dubbing artist is very economical. But then, the actress has started including ‘compulsory dubbing’ clause in film agreements. In a recent film, just because she was not allowed to dub, she skipped most of the promotions.

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