Hrithik to go under scanner for headaches

Contrary to reports that actor Hrithik Roshan will undergo a surgery, his father Rakesh Roshan has clarified that his son will only undergo checkup for his recurring headaches but not a surgery. Hrithik underwent a surgery in July after he suffered a clot in his brain while performing stunts for his upcoming film Bang Bang.

Papa Roshan wanted to make sure that his son is healthy, and therefore, advised him to take up a few tests. That Hrithik is going to the US for a surgery is baseless clarified senior Roshan, and added that Hrithik is in fact going on a vacation to the states with his friends. However, he will undergo his tests for his headaches there.

Concerned about his son’s health, Rakesh Roshan he gives it the prime importance and doesn’t mind losing money because he knows for a fact that once he’s back on track everything will be back to square one.