Samantha Ruth PrabhuSamantha, the other day, has posted a video of playing tug of war with her friend Shilpa Reddy’s family. The actress reportedly spent a week with them to keep herself from the divorce thoughts. “Beautiful, Crazy, fun, unwinding week that passed in a jiffy with my bestie,” she captioned the video.

Even though the actress seems to be trying to send a message, it looks like the divorce issue is still in her thoughts. That is evident from the Hashtags she should used in the post – #ICanStillLaugh #WillSurvive. Probably, she is motivating herself or trying to put up a brave face.

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Some people on social media say she is trying to hide the pain and portray herself as strong. Some say she is strong but the thoughts are too intense to go away from her mind. Probably, the best way to get rid of these thoughts is to starting working.

The actress has two projects in hand and the teams are waiting for her to begin shootings. As things stand today, she did not hint at any start date to her producers.

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