Anurag Kashyap

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga faced widespread criticism for his film Animal, accused of glorifying violence and misogyny.

Despite this, cult filmmaker Anurag Kashyap surprised many by praising Vanga as the “most misunderstood, judged, and reviled” filmmaker and calling Animal a significant game changer in Hindi cinema.

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Kashyap criticized the toxic nature of those who pretend to be someone they are not, contrasting them with Vanga whom he finds straightforward and genuine.

In a recent interview, Kashyap defended Animal’s impact on cinema, particularly its groundbreaking action scenes, unapologetic adult content, and Vanga’s conviction to make a three-and-half-hour film. He called it groundbreaking in Hindi cinema.

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Explaining his support for Vanga, Kashyap emphasized their shared experiences in facing industry backlash, drawing parallels with his own film Bombay Velvet.

Kashyap shared his own struggles with censorship during the making of Bombay Velvet, where significant edits were imposed to secure a U/A certificate.

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Feeling unsupported and pressured during this period, Kashyap regretted not standing firm like Vanga did with his creative vision. He said that he needs to learn a lot from Vanga.

Kashyap lamented the industry’s tendency to attack and cancel rather than engage in constructive dialogue.